IT Hunting

The experience in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčintegration of technological experts sensitizes us to the need of our clients to incorporate trained human talent with a strategic and business vision.

Our personnel selection techniques through headhunting, use of social networks, referrals and an extensive internal database (with more than 7,000 IT candidates in Mexico and 39,000 globally), gives us the opportunity to provide a service attached to times, quality and cost.

Our main clients are Consulting and Software Development businesses and Start-ups, being the following technological niche market where we contribute the greatest value: Cloud Computing, Mobile, Web, Big Data & Analytics.

We specialize in integrating technology professionals, especially those in whom technology is supporting to transform the world.

We have local and global experience for various public and private sector industries (financial, insurance, consumer, telecommunications, government, pharmaceutical and automotive), also working for remote positions. 

We make it happen.