Strategic Recruitment Consultancy

Analysis, improvement, structure, training and documentation of the recruitment area under best practices, always acting as an external agent and highly oriented to the needs and objectives of the business.

We create and structure high-performance recruitment teams on IT Personnel Selection with the aim of developing installed capacity and increasing service levels in terms of time, quality and costs, as well as reducing the support of external hunting services.

In accordance with the client's infrastructure, the implementation and use of technological tools (CRM) is proposed to support various Personnel Management processes, such as: generating a digital and electronic historical archive, as well as documentation of information, incidents, workflow and other high-impact processes in the HR area.

Strategic Human Resources Consultancy

Analysis, improvement and documentation of all aspects of human resource management.
Topics: Business Leadership and Strategy, Compensation, Benefits, Diversity,  Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Global Human Resources, Labor Relations, Organizational and Employee Development, Health and security, Personnel Management, Technology

Strategic Consultancy with Area Leaders

Empower, reaffirm, acquire and develop management skills, self-management, communication, empathy and teamwork in order to identify the active role of leadership, supported by dynamics of Outdoor, Indoor and Experiential Workshops.
Topics: Management, Self Management, Communication, Leadership, Teamwork, Empathy

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