Sound Healing

Metal Singing Bowls and Harmonic Chanting

Everything that exists in the universe has its own vibration, therefore we all have our own sound, which varies according to the state of our physical and mental health.

Sound therapy is based on the resonance principle, where a vibration with greater power and purity automatically transfers its qualities to any minor or dissonant vibration that exists within its range of action.

The singing bowls have a healing and relaxing effect at cellular level, providing the patient with general well-being and balance, thus recovering the natural harmony of the body, as we should normally feel.

The sound produced by these sacred instruments, plus the healing intention of the therapist, makes us feel enormous relaxation and well-being during the session, feeling their effects over a long period of time, which varies according to the person.

The patient contributes with predisposition towards change, seeking the own well-being and healing.

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