HunKa borns in 2015 in Mexico City to connect the best technological talent with companies that have the vision of contributing to change through the use and application of technology as means of multifunctional and didactic interaction.

We manage permanent IT job roles in the Automotive industry, Blockchain, PropTech, Fintech, Ecommerce.

With the experience gained during more than 10 years in the area of integration of technology experts, we have been sensitized to the need of our customers to hire human talent with the required skills and strategic vision, being technical and human aspects essential for it, which gives us the opportunity to position ourselves as a key player of support for our customers.

Within HunKa Talent you can find the following areas:
-Talent Integration
-Human Resources and Recruitment Business Consultancy

Right now we have roles to be working directly with our clients:






















Propitious space to share, express and promote themselves and collective projects, as ways to integrate the network of people that is leading to a paradigm shift in the way people think, interact and do things.

We present below the project of Kan Tika:

*HunKa Community

Hunka Community is inspired by a vision of integral and collective evolution, and elements such as cooperation and collaboration are crucial. Hunka Community's invitation is to propose a platform that enables the integral human development from different perspectives.

Within HunKa Community you can find the following areas:

Many of us have ideas, proposals, visions and even projects that already exist that are very interesting. HunKa aims to promote collective development through an intellectual exchange dynamic or barter.

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      We also do Singing Bowls Meditations