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Objective: To find Java experts, with 5+ years of experience and fluent English, that are interested in working with a 3 year-old cryptocurrency startup that has an existing and profit generating product. Budgeted annual gross salary is USD100.000.

AND: To find Salesforce Developers, SFDC Project Managers and SFDC Functional Consultants to work in a global consultancy in Santa Fé, Ciudad de México, and Senior Salesforce Developer to work in Madrid, España.

Hope: That you review the job specification at www.hunka.mx, apply, and then refer someone you know using this form.

Rules: You will be rewarded with USD100 if the person you refer is hired. If the person you recommend is not hired but refers someone else who is, you will get USD100 and the person you referred also USD100. This can repeat up to 7 degrees of separation. This means that if 7 different people make recommendations before someone is hired, these 7 people each one will get USD100. If it takes more than 7 steps to hire someone, USD700 will be shared among all the people that recommended.

If more than one person is hired thanks to your recommendation, you get an extra bonification with the same rules as mentioned.

Abundance: 16 vacancies are open, so there is chance for a nice flow in this Recruit Chain, even going in a RecruitChain from Java to Salesforce, and back again.

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Recruitment <br> Strategic Consultancy

Strategic Consultancy

Create and structure high performance teams through installed capacity,
increasing service levels regarding time, quality and costs.
Design and implementation of strategies, tactics, recruitment processes and crm's for the selection, hiring, and retention of human resources aligned to business objectives.
Human Resources <br> Business Consultancy

Human Resources
Business Consultancy

Analysis, improvement and documentation of the Human Resources area
through practices oriented to the needs and objectives of the business,
aligned with the management vision.


Inspired by a vision of integral and collective evolution, cooperation and collaboration are crucial.
We propose a platform that enables integral human development from different perspectives.

Art Expressions

Art Expressions

Favorable space to share, express and promote themselves and collective projects, as ways to integrate the network of people that is leading to a paradigm shift in the way people think, interact and do things.


Many of us have ideas, proposals, visions and even projects that already exist that are very interesting.
HunKa aims to promote collective development through an intellectual exchange dynamic or barter.

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